The most important for each CG artist

As we all know that every CG (computer graphics) work involves a lot of searching for the right textures, materials, 3D models, and other graphic media elements that could and would be used in the CG art creation as well as in 3D asset creation combined with 3D asset adaption for the scene. And what do this searching process and 3D asset creation/adaption to the scene prosess take away – it is a precious and valuable Time.

The Time

This is the Time in which your 3D visualization, 3D animation, or any CG work can be accomplished.
Instead of continuing the working process, CG artists are switching between different websites finding the right 3D assets for the work that must be created.
Even when the right 3D asset has been found there still are tasks that must be done to get that asset like – registration on the chosen website, account creation, choosing a monthly plan, 3D asset adaption to a particular scene and so we go on and on.

And in most of the cases, CG artists don’t even notice this major issue that comes within this all process and that is called – “losing time”.
For example – If your daily work is based on 3D visualization, 3D character, or 3D asset creation, then for sure the most valuable thing for you is the Time spent on developing the specific work. And you need to avoid all aspects that take away the time which rather can be spent directly on the 3D CG art development process.

A few minutes spent on search is nothing – I can afford it! Really – can you afford it?

Let’s transform this search action into something that really counts and that will be money. There will be a small example:
CG artist John earns 800$ monthly for the works he accomplishes within one month by working 8 (eight) hours in a day with 5$ hourly rate.
Having different working tasks and assignments he must apply different 3D assets, Materials, Textures, 3D models, and solutions for each work.
From each hour John spends on CG work development he spends 5 minutes for searching the right 3D assets, and let’s add another 5 minutes by preparing the found 3D asset for the scene. So together he spends 10 minutes from each hour in a search and 3D asset preparing process.
So the total – monthly for search and 3D asset preparing processes he spends +/- 1600 minutes which equals to 26 hours, which in turn equals to 208$.

Now think about what you can afford for 208$ within one month and what you could afford for 2496$ wihtin a year!?

Yes, my friends you could afford to buy NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU and a lot more.

So, the conclusion is very simple that the most important thing for every CG artist is the Time and the right way of how this time is spent directly on the working process.

It is everybody’s free choice to stay at the same habitual working process of never-ending searches and 3D asset preparing or choose a completely different approach by using scene-ready 3D models, materials, shaders and reduce the searching process to the minimum.

B3D Team