Blender 3D Asset Manager

B3D Blender 3D Asset Manager is a powerful system built to ease your work in Blender UI.
Obtaining the B3D Blender Asset Manager and subscribing to Synchronization you will gain access to more than 40GB / 2800 different 3D Assets, all grouped in libraries and prepared for use in Blender via B3D Asset Manager, and all of them updated every month.

3D Assets:
3D Models, Materials, HDRI’s, IES Light, Lights Kelvin, Handwriting fonts, Skin and Fur, World and Sky, Add-On’s

You can view all 3D asset libraries here: B3D Blender 3D Assets

All 3D Asset libraries are updated every month with new 3D Models, Materials, and other 3D assets.

How does it work?
After buying the  B3D Blender 3D Asset Manager and subscribing to synchronization you will get unique access to B3D Blender 3D Assets servers where all 3D assets libraries are held and Synchronize B3D Blender 3D Asset libraries with your local PC.

More information about 3D assets library synchronization can be found here: Synchronization

When the B3D Asset Manager has been purchased, contact B3D Team using this e-mail

Use B3D Assets Directly in Blender
Download and Install B3D Asset Manager free add-on for Blender.

Licenses and Terms of Use for 3D Assets
All terms about the B3D Blender 3D Assets usage can be found here: Terms of Use

Library list