3D Assets (3D Models, Materials, Add-On, Lights, HDRI)

You can:

Use B3D 3D Assets in your projects without any special permission or credits needed.
Use the B3D 3D Assets for Personal or Commercial projects.
Share, post, repost, distribute information about the B3D Assets on the web.
Share free B3D 3D Assets with your friends, colleagues, or any other person you want.


The only author right holder of all B3D 3D Assets is B3D. This can not be changed or transferred.
None of the 3D Assets can be sold or resold.
None of the 3D assets can be included in any other 3D assets collection or library.
B3D 3D Assets that come under the subscription can not be shared.

GNU General Public License
GNU GPL Version 2 or later
GNU GPL Version 3
Python License
Zlib License
MIT License
BSD License